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How to Stop Wasting £000s on Business Marketing That Doesn’t Work

Got a problem with your business that you need some quick help with? You have 2 options. You can post the details in the forum, where I and other business owners can provide an answer, or you can send me a confidential request using our state of the art support ticket system.

Either way you get someone to share the problem with and come up with some solutions. You may also find that someone else is having exactly the same problem and already has a solution for you, so it is worth asking in the forum or searching existing posts for an answer.

Often the questions asked in the forum will be the source of inspiration for a new seminar, which will help others with the same problem in their business.

The Business Growth Club never closes, well not unless the server crashes! So it is there when you need it. If you want to brush up on your marketing at three in the morning; you can. Struggling with pricing a product, just go and watch the costing and pricing seminar to make sure you get it right. Not really sure about your business model? Why not watch “How to be Your Own Business Guru.” Our aim is to cover every aspect of running a business including the development of business forms.

If you use the Business Growth Club only once a week, but apply the lessons that you learn there, your business will become more profitable and your life less stressful. By applying the Hedgehog concept and the Flywheel principle, your business will grow from strength to strength.

The Business Growth Club is for anyone who is responsible for running a business. It is particularly useful for owners who have got past the initial start up phase and are trying to create a sustainable business that will operate without them being there. Isn’t that the ultimate goal for every business owner?

It’s probably no good for business students. You see all the information in the club is designed to create immediate results in a business – not write a dissertation about what might work if you were a large corporation. This club is about getting results for small to medium sized businesses. More importantly, I want you to make it your club; the place where you can get the information you need that is tailored to your business, not some generic ideal business.

A lot less than you would expect. A decent one day seminar will cost you in the region of £400 upwards. Add on to that your travelling costs, any hotel bills and food, then you could be paying up to £500 for the day. And I know times are tough at the moment, so it will be a fraction of those costs.

Have you ever found your mind wandering off during a seminar? You miss important points and when you look at your notes they are never as good as you thought they were at the time. In fact sometimes you just don’t understand them. Now don’t get me wrong, I think that going to seminars and workshops is very important as it gives you time to think about your business without the day to day interruptions. But sometimes you just want something quick and to the point.

Well with The Business Performance Club you get just that. All the online seminars have had all the fluff taken out of them and deliver just the information that you need. And with these seminars you get the chance to stop the presentation and rewind. You are completely in control and can select a single slide or jump about inside a slide. If you can’t complete the whole presentation it doesn’t matter. Just go back to it and the software remembers where you were. You really need to try it to understand just how much control you have.

The best salesletter is a poor second to an actual demonstration, so that is what I would like to do for you.

The standard cost is only £37 per month, but I want to give you your first month free to see if it is right for you.The Club is also new. It was launched on the 1st march 2009. That means there is not a lot of chatter going on in the forums. It does however mean that you should get a fast response from me to any questions that you may have.

New material is being added all the time. I am also negotiating with other coaches and presenters to convert their material to the club format. Prices can only go up as the club expands, but if you join today you will lock in the price for as long as you remain a member. Payment is made through PayPal subscription services so you can cancel just by logging onto your PayPal account. There is no commitment to continue past the free trial and you can cancel at anytime. Payment is made through PayPal subscription services so you can cancel just by logging onto your PayPal account.

For your free monthly trial just select the monthly subscription option and enter “trymeout” (without the quotes) into the coupon box at the bottom of the subscription page. Your first month will be completely free. Try out the club for the month, and if it is not for you then just unsubscribe.